New Find! Pink Colombian Lemurian Faden Quartz cluster 113g SN54385

New Find! Pink Colombian Lemurian Faden Quartz cluster 113g SN54385
New Find! Pink Colombian Lemurian Faden Quartz cluster 113g SN54385
New Find! Pink Colombian Lemurian Faden Quartz cluster 113g SN54385
New Find! Pink Colombian Lemurian Faden Quartz cluster 113g SN54385
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A beautiful natural cluster of soft Pink Lemurian Faden Quartz crystals.

These crystals are from a new find in Santander Department, in the Andes Mountains of Colombia.

They have a beautiful clarity and shine with light. Their soft pink colouration is due to Hematite. As well as Faden strings some of the crystals also have Lemurian laddering.

This cluster has multiple small terminations at it's base giving it an almost flat base and it sits as shown in the photographs.

Faden is the German word for thread and Faden Quartz has white thread like strings with-it it. These are caused by tectonic movements that repeatedly stress the Quartz as it is growing causing breakages in the crystalline structure. The Quartz heals itself and continues to grow but the fractured parts remain visible as a milky white 'string' within the crystal.

Lemurian Seed crystals have etched horizontal striations on alternate faces known as Ladder Etchings and are often frosted. These crystals have no frosting being very clear and clean.

The cluster you see in the photographs is the one you will receive.

Natural crystals like this cluster are beautiful additions to a meditation or healing space and make great altar stones.

Size and Weight

This cluster is 7cm wide and 5cm tall and weighs 113g.

Pink Lemurian Faden Quartz in Crystal Healing.

Faden Quartz is a stone of connection and communication. It can be used to form a connection between healer and client or between two people in a relationship.

As it's own ability to heal itself shows it is a stone to heal, repair and connect the broken.

It is considered an ideal stone to use in out of body travel where again it can 'connect' the physical with the etheric body, the white thread with-in the crystal being symbolic of the 'cord' connecting these two bodies.

Lemurian Seed crystals are considered especially powerful Quartz. They can be used to access the wisdom of ancient ages and past civilisations, the sages, alchemists and wisemen of the past.

They are the perfect tool for Light Workers, reminding them to attend to their own evolution as well as helping others in theirs and they teach to go beyond our feelings of separateness and to explore the multi dimensional levels beyond physical incarnation.

Lemurian Seed Quartz are ideal to use in grids for angelic contact and excellent for balancing and clearing. Use for conscious dreaming or dreaming up a new reality by sleeping with one under your pillow.

Quartz with included Hematite is an excellent energiser and rejuvenator. Hematite lends it's strength and resilience to those most in need especially the shy and retiring.

It is said to enhance drive and willpower to succeed.


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