How do I choose the right crystals for me

We sell our stones and crystals individually so what you see in the photographs is the exact stone, point, cluster or piece of jewellery that you'll receive. This way you can pick the exact crystal that calls to you.

Choose by connecting to your intuition, to your sense of inner knowing. Feel for what you are drawn to, that could be a particular shape or colour or you may see an image that has meaning to you in the patterning. A certain stone may just feel 'right' or like it is 'the one'. You may find yourself returning to look again at a particular crystal or find that same type popping up again and again in front of you.

We are taught from childhood to follow first what our parents then our partners, teachers and bosses tell us to do so it can feel strange at first to trust your own inner knowing but it is inside you waiting to be heard and it won't lead you wrong. Trust that you know what you need better than anybody else.

We have a treasure trove of crystals here so if you already know what you are looking for but don't see any listed do let us know. We likely have some we can list for you or can start a treasure hunt to find some if we don't.


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