Rare Peanut Wood tumble stone 8.0g SN34082

Rare Peanut Wood tumble stone 8.0g SN34082
Rare Peanut Wood tumble stone 8.0g SN34082
Rare Peanut Wood tumble stone 8.0g SN34082
Rare Peanut Wood tumble stone 8.0g SN34082
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A rare Peanut Wood tumble stone.

Peanut Wood is a variety of Fossilised Wood found in the Kennedy Ranges of Western Australia. It is a dark brown or black colour with cream/white ovoids which resemble peanuts and which gave this stone it's name.

Peanut Wood began it's life as conifer trees in the Cretaceous period when much of Australia was covered by a shallow sea. Dead trees were washed down rivers to the sea and there wood eating marine clams known as shipworms bored holes into the wood. A silica rich sediment then covered the trees petrifying the wood into stone and filling the bored holes. Over the millenia the area was uplifted to above sea level and became the Kennedy Ranges.

The stone you see in the photographs is the one you will receive.

Tumble stones are an ideal size to hold during meditation or to be used as pocket stones. Carry them in your bag or pocket or place them under your pillow.

Size and Weight

This stone is 3.2cm long and 1.6cm wide and weighs 8.0g. 

Peanut Wood in Crystal Healing.

Peanut Wood is a stable, calming stone and very supportive when healing after trauma or emotional challenges.

It is an ideal stone for past life healing and an excellent stone to accompany past life exploration. As a stone that carries ancient wisdom it can be used to help connect to the Akashic Record.

Peanut Wood helps you to worry less especially about things of little importance. It helps you to accept with serenity the things you cannot change, to make the changes that are possible and instils the wisdom to know the difference.

Use Peanut Wood to be all that you may be.


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